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Questions and Answers

What kind of events has 8 to the Bar performed?

8 to the Bar has performed at a Variety of events, from private, intimate shows, to entertaining hundreds of people.

  • Need an anniversary gift?
  • Proposing to your loved one?
  • Valentines Day?
  • Birthday?
  • Hire 8 to the Bar to come and sing for you and your loved ones! Nothing says lovin’ like 11 guys singing in sweet harmony to your loved one.
  • Need some light background music for a reception? 8 to the Bar can certainly accommodate! We can be just the thing to add spice to your gathering!
  • Need to entertain a hall, or awards ceremony? We’d love to do it for you!

I don’t know any of the songs in your Current Repertoire. Are you limited to only these songs?

Certainly not! In fact, we have been asked to learn songs for our clients in the past. Anything is possible. We are eager to work towards making the performance as memorable as possible. Also, if you see a retired song on the repertoire page that you would like to hear, we can certainly resurrect it for you!

Here are a couple reviews from the past:

‘Voices Only’ A Cappella Festival 2014

Hi everyone!

The iTones want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for performing in our ‘Voices Only’ A Cappella Festival.  Last night was such a success and that couldn’t have been done without all of you! We couldn’t be happier about last night and feel so fortunate to have gained so many new friends who are so immensely talented! We would love to do this festival again next year and perform with you all in the near future.  Thanks again everyone and congratulations!

Best Regards,
Taylor Blanket

RE : Circle of Love Dance 2004

Hi Steve,

I just wanted to drop a note to say thank you for your performance during our 4th Annual Circle of Love Dance. We really enjoyed having you guys there and I believe that this was your first year with us (correct me if I am wrong). But in any event, all of you made a great addition to the program. I hope that the delay did not cause any problems and that you guys had a good time on Saturday.

Like I said, we enjoyed having you with us and we hope that you guys can entertain us again in the future. =)

Thanks again,

Truc Tran
DU Circle K Treasurer


How long is a usual set?

4-5 songs, approx. 20-25 minutes. We are willing to extend our sets, but would prefer to do multiple sets.

What about pricing? Do you have standard rates?

8 to the Bar does not have a standard rate. We work with each Client individually to find a price that fits within their budget for the event.

Would 8 to the Bar provide their own sound equipment?

Sorry, but we don’t own our own sound setup. Although, half of the time, the events we sing for don’t even require one!

If you can provide sound for the event, our optimal sound setup would include at least 5 microphones, and 2 monitors.

Who do I contact to discuss setting up a performance?

If you would like to speak with a representative of 8 to the Bar, please fill out our contact form.

We’re looking forward to working with you!