Current Members

# 86 – A.J. Sauter, Electrical Engineering, Class of 2017, member since October 2012.

FB_IMG_1427467982473Hi people! My name’s A.J., and 8 to the Bar has been my family since freshman year here at Drexel. When I’m not singing, I am working on solar cells in the lab for Drexel SmartHouse, enveloping myself in the greatest series ever, “Game of Thrones,” or chilling with the group or my fraternity brothers from Phi Kappa Psi. Although I’ll be gone for a few months on an internship down in Texas, I can’t wait to come back this winter and jump right into the middle of 8Bar’s greatest year yet!

# 88 – Nikolai Dubsky, Chemical Engineering BS/MS, Class of 2017, member since February 2013.

Me Feb 2015

I’ve always had a form of music in order to express myself throughout school – choir was my favorite class in middle and high school. I’ve also been a part of musicals like Honk, Jr. and was the lead for Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat. Aside from singing, I can usually be found reading a book, watching a new TV series, or hitting the gym in order to counteract my over-indulgence. I’m also a fan of cooking and doodling. And cats. Meow. If you like what you see on this site, I put a lot of it together!

# 90 – Chris Doblovsky, Software Engineering, Class of 2018, member since October 2013.


# 95 – Michael Hoy, Music Industry, Class of 2017, member since October 2013.

FB_IMG_1427468580964Hi! My name is Michael and I am a Music Industry major at Drexel.  I am a huge fan of music and aim to have both music performance and music business be a major aspect of my life.  When I am not singing I like to be writing music, enjoying the great outdoors, playing guitar, going to concerts, or watching one of my many favorite shows on Netflix.  I love being involved in college a cappella and am looking forward to a new year of singing and meeting all kinds of new people!

# 98 – Joe Canuso, Music Industry, Class of 2018, member since October 2014.


# 100 – Nicco Piagesi, Statistics, Music Industry, & Pre-Law, Class of 2019, member since October 2014.

IMG_20150327_135153I’ve been playing music since I was nine years old; I play the drums, guitar, bass, and ukulele. I also produce hip-hop music in my free time. I sing a lot, and I rap under the name ‘Buckets.’ I am in the Custom-Designed Major program at Drexel. I love EWF, Wael Kfoury, and Lil’ B, The Basedgod. TYBG.

# 101 – Jason Pierre-Louis, Information Systems, Class of 2019, member since October 2014.


Hi I’m Jason! I’m an IS major here at Drexel. I’ve been singing my whole life, so it’s only natural that I ended up here in 8 to the Bar. My hobbies include independent pop culture studies (binge watching stuff, looking at memes, playing video games, etc), eating a lot, raising cats, and sometimes reading if I’m feeling like looking smart to those in my immediate area. I hope this bio convinced you of how cool I am!!!

# 103 – Matt Anthony, Business, Class of 2019, member since September 2015.

# 104 – Matt Demetrides, Entertainment Arts Management, Class of 2019, member since September 2015.

# 105 – Griffin Ripley, Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2018, member since September 2015.


Griffin Ripley is a pre-junior Mechanical Engineering student at Drexel, who participates in many activities and clubs with the university and beyond. He is the lead singer for a funk band, a National Anthem singer for Drexel varsity sports for 6 years, an aspiring solo musician, the president of the Drexel Judo club, a huge car nut, and an all-around busy man. He is thrilled to be starting his many adventures with 8 to the Bar and looks forward to the years to come!

# 106 – Billy Ambrose, Film and Video, Class of 2019, member since September 2016.

# 107 – Daniel Carrión, International Area Studies, Class of 2017, member since September 2016.

# 108 – Christian Cederlund, Music Industry, Class of 2021, member since September 2016.

# 109 – Dennis Richter, Mechanical Engineering BS/MS, Class of 2018, member since September 2016.

# 110 – Drew Sipos, Music Industry, Class of 2020, member since September 2016.

# 111 – Jack Stillwell, Computer Science, Class of 2020, member since September 2016.


I have been involved in many different musical activities over the years since I joined my elementary school’s choir in 5th grade, from Great Valley’s Chamber Singers to performing the role of Lord Farquaad in “Shrek: The Musical”.

I enjoy a wide variety of music, some of my favorites being Green Day’s “American Idiot” and Alexandre Desplat’s work on “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1”.

When I’m not making or listening to music I like to read (anything sci-fi or fantasy usually works), dance (Jitterbug, Tango, and Merengue are some of my favorites), and backpack (I have been involved in the BSA as long as I have been singing and am a proud Eagle Scout!).

I am excited to be a part of 8 to the Bar, and look forward to making some awesome music!