For those of you visiting us, welcome back!
Our site was down for a while but as you can see we’ve done a bit of exterior (and interior) design just for you. 😀 Feel free to check out some of the new content we’ve uploaded – youtube videos, twitter feeds, fresher, crisper news, and more! We’d love feedback on the website, song suggestions, and are definitely accepting event invites – contact us through our contact form here!
We hope your summer is going as swimmingly as ours.

Hello 8 to the Bar fans, family, and friends!
Come out and see our fall concert, “Treble at the Bar,” co-hosted by Drexel’s finest aca-females, the  … (read more…)

8 to the Bar has overcome another competitive year of auditions and is excited to announce the addition of 5 new members! There were a decent amount o … (read more…)